Why Join Band.....

Band is not just a group of students playing a variety of instruments. Music engages the brain through its mathematical application, comprehensive learning, and emotional musicality. Studies have shown that students who participate in musical activities, such as band, tend to have higher academic standings and are engaged in learning. Music challenges students in different ways providing an educational, yet exhilarating experience. Even if music does not stay with a student for their entire life, it still allows that person to have appreciation for the arts and understand the importance of this rewarding activity.

Kasey Watkins
Class of 2018

You should join Band because of the experience and all the people you will meet and become friends with. Being able to be a part of the band program looks great on a resumé or job application in the future. Band also is a great way to gain potential leadership and teamwork skills. It also is a great way to have memories of high school with great people doing something as a group and making music happen.

Matt Thayer
Class of 2018

Band has so many amazing opportunities to offer. Marching and playing an instrument teaches students valuable lessons about commitment, detail, discipline, and improvement. The band program brings a community of wonderful people together who exceed at promoting growth and developing a supportive environment. Joining the band program also allows students to create the lasting friendships and encouraging relationships that will help them during their high school journey.

Kaleigh White
Class of 2018

Band is so much more than playing an instrument; you learn responsibility, determination, and self-confidence. The most amazing thing is creating long lasting relationships with those around you and being able to work together to create music with such an emotion that it gives chills. Band is a family that sticks with you through thick and thin. It is such an amazing experience that forms you into a leader and a more confident musician. I highly suggest that you join band!!

Cassidy Taggart
Class of 2020